Willow House

At Willow House, we embody grace, warmth, and a bit of magic. Like our namesake willow, we sway with the trends but are not overwhelmed by them. We are strong, responsive to the seasons, and always beautiful. Our roots keep us firmly grounded in our core beliefs as we impact the world with a touch that is ever-confident and feather-light.

Our Products

Think about the end of a long day: You juggle grocery bags and step into your home.
Immediately, you feel better. The air smells fresh, with a hint of herbs and flowers. There’s a designated place to rest your bags, a bowl for your keys, a tray for mail waiting to be sorted. You’re surrounded by pretty colors and fresh flowers.
You’ve hardly taken a step, but your day is already so much better. That’s the feeling we strive for with every Willow House product. Each product is designed to function for your needs, complementing pieces you already know and love.

Does this sound like Utopia?  An out of reach existance?  Think again!

NEWS FLASH!  You can own your own Willow House Business for only $49!
Join me in this terrific opportunity to enjoy the freedom to set your own hours AND bring home a generous paycheck.  We are in the process of unveiling a new Division of Willow House ▬ JEWELRY.  Soon you will have even more ways to earn a substantial income.  I call it socializing with pay, and I love it!  

My business is a social business, lots of word of mouth, lots of facebook and tons of using the ideas, videos, posts, blogs etc that Willow House gives us.  It's simple, it works and it is fun.

Look around, and you’ll find that Willow House is the most compelling home-based business experience in America. Our Design Consultants help each guest identify a personal decorating style, sharing seasonal color trends and explaining how they’re reflected in our exclusive Willow House products.

Interested in a FREE Shopping Spree?  When you host a Willow House party you can experience our generous host rewards first-hand. When you conduct a party as a Consultant the rewards just keep coming!
If you have been to one of our parties, then you know how much fun it can be to gather, relax and shop. Our consultants are part of a business that celebrates family, friends and helping others achieve their dreams. And we’re a business that thrives in a slow economy because we have the products people want as they entertain more and more at home.
Learn about the many opportunities we offer, and experience the excitement of entertaining as a lifestyle.

And seriously --- give that $49 Kit a second thought ... you'll be so glad you did.