About this Blog

Welcome to my blog!   My name is Susie Van Deventer, a wife, mother and proud homemaker.  I also happen to be a Founding Director with Willow House, an amazing direct sales company based out of Birmingham, Alabama. 

I love to write, though I didn't quite realize how much until I retired from my 20 year corporate J.O.B. in 2010.  I was (and still am) fortunate enough to have a very flexible lifestyle (a big thanks to Willow House for that!) that enabled me to care for, and be there for, both of my aging parents when God called them home within a few months of each other.  I miss them both terribly and often turn to writing as a form of therapy (but that is another blog : ). 

My mom would often say "Your smile is Your Best Accessory." as she was clasping a necklace she was letting me borrow.  And I know we have all heard that phrase before, so I felt it was fitting to name my blog . . . Your Best Accessory.  Because in a way this blog is a tribute to my mother, the lady who unselfishly raised 9 children (I'm the baby, but you would of picked up on that soon enough) and kept a tremendously beautiful house, full of fascinating decorative accessories.  She encouraged my love for decorating, and when I create something that 'SINGS', I sing.  My poor hubby can attest to that.  Hopefully you'll give some of my projects a try, and you will make you sing too . . . make it sing!

Thank you for indulging me.  I would be honored if you became a follower and shared me with your friends.  Lots of great ideas 'brewing' so check back often. 

Whatcha doing now?  When I am not fixing dinner, or fixing up our home, I enjoy painting (mostly in oils), interior design and catching a classic film. 

I strongly believe that good design should be accessible and affordable to everyone.  I enjoy building relationships with my customers, and I know each and everyone of us loves a good deal.  I am proud of the amazing deals my online store offers every single day!  Let me help you create the home that is a reflection of you & your family's lifestyle ▬ at a price you can afford.

Check my facebook business page daily for tips, exclusive contests and special offers.  Plus inspirational photo albums you'll love.  I search the best of the blog-o-sphere to bring you the latest ideas available!  There are always ideas to share, so please share me with your friends!