Monday, May 9, 2011

Prep for Shake-Down

We are preparing to prepare for a garage sale.  Ugh. 
I am a thrifty shopper.  I love a bargain.  I especially love to share bargains with my friends, family and customers.  So why do I hate garage sales?  I don't think I am alone here.  I know a LOT of people hate garage sales.  More men than women, but a LOT of people just the same.  My husband is on board with this.  I know, I am surprised, more surprised than you (especially since I am not even sure if you know him . . . anyone reading this? :)   Back to the reason why I dislike (nicer word than hate, I have an elementary school child, I know) garage sales.  Oh there are so many and I am sure I will leave out most of them.  Perhaps the main reason is I price very low (as you should) but no matter how low, the person who wants it wants to only pay half of what it is marked at.  Seriously?  Is there a garage sale bargaining correspondence course I am not aware of?  You're right, I need to just let it go, literally.  Price it.  Reduce it. Sell it.  hmmmm . . . t-shirt idea?

Of course, just as soon as I pumped myself up, I read an article about selling on-line (thanks all you) that makes me want to jump off the garage sale ship (S.S. Misery) altogether.  But that route takes a lot of daily work.  I just want it to be  O V E R  W I T H.   Okay, I'll admit, there may be a few select items that will be set aside for a possible on-line sale . . . which I will probably take to Half-Price Books when the moon is full.

I have sales, but not garage sales.  I have what is referred to in the retail business as 'Sample Sales'.  Selling off the product 'samples' that I no longer need to run my business.  I have done these sample sales twice in any given year, and they are very successful.  I price the products low, believe me.  I suppose the big difference is the expectation.  On my part. I am selling very quality products at below market value price at my Sample Sale.  I am selling above garage sale quality, or at least my interpretation of garage sale quality, products at gut-wrenching prices.  And again, this is where I need to let go.

So what camp do you find yourself in?  Personally, I have always leaned towards loading up my trusty Tahoe and heading over to Goodwill, G.R.A.C.E. or the Helping Hands truck at our church.   I think the only reason I am entertaining the idea of it now is . . . (a) my sweet hubby saw the stack of paint chips I have gathered to repaint hmmmmm the majority of the house (interior) and he felt compelled to inquire (don't blame him there!) and offered to help . . . (b) my hubby saw our neighbor literally dancing in her cleaned out garage a few weeks back and he wants in on some of that action (ahem . . . to clarify, my husband wants a clean garage, the freedom to dance within the space and the money she earned from her garage sale).  Better?

Okay, so I guess my husband's offer to help is really pushing me in the direction of doing a sale, otherwise I would drop the goods off, pull out a credit card and buy the paint & supplies (thereby get after it!).   I better get busy.  I am sure no matter what the outcome is, I am sure my Tahoe will be loaded with Goodwill Goodies prior to and after the sale.  Because there are some things that I am just not willing to slap a price on and expect people to pay for.  Clothes and half-full bottles of mouthwash are just two of them!  Have you seen the trailer for the Will Ferrel flick I'm referencing, 'Everything Must Go'?  Yep, get rid of all your 'stuff' and You're Gonna Feel GREAT!

Want me to let you know when the sale is?  You should - I've got a lot of great stuff :)

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