Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The perfect ▬ and the perfectly affordable ▬ Mother's Day Gift!

What you have are good intentions.  What you need is help!  The best approach for you would be a thoughtful gift any mom would love.  Trust me, and let me offer you a few suggestions based on what you already know about your dear mother.   First tell me a little bit about her . . .
What is your mom's idea of fun?
Does it include browsing a makeup counter, salon, or jewelry store ▬ preferably with someone else's credit card?
If so, let me suggest the Amelia Beaded Tray and Trio. The clear glass will add a sparkle to her vanity, and your mom loves her baubles (she even believes in the healing power of lip gloss).  She may also like the Sutton Vanity Set, because the finial on these lids is too cute (trust me, she'll think so too). 
or perhaps our gorgeous set of Soda Glass Containers to add a bubbly glow to her personal spa.
Then again if your mom would prefer catching a marathon of cooking shows, then I would suggest any piece from our amazing Hyacinth Collection. 

Maybe she makes everything from scratch.  Maybe not.  But her kitchen is cozier than most people's homes and there's always something good (translation: non-moldy) in the fridge.  You might want to thank her for pushing you to try, try again ▬ only after burning those first batches did you understand the sweet reward of getting it right.

Hmmmm . . . Perhaps your mom would prefer to be out planting, pruning, re-rooting ▬ or whatever it is moms do to gardens.  Your's too?  I suggest we go with any one of our outdoor living line of products.

Perhaps you often refer to her as 'Mother Nature'.  She knows how to attract songbirds and ward off mosquitos.  Plus she loves to serve drinks on the patio.  One question, when can I meet her?   Besides, isn't she the one who is always telling you to 'go outside and get some fresh air'?

Then again, if your mother's idea of fun is rearranging her collection of photos, decorative accessories intermingled with your 3rd grade craft projects, she may keep and display everything!  And lucky for you, there are easy ways for you to display your gratitude.
For instance, our fabulous Villa Footed Server
or Villa Petite Pedestal
▬ either one will be adored by her (just like you!). 

Of course you could never go wrong with the Caitlin Standing Cross.  Wonderful weight to this cast iron piece, a treasured piece for sure.

A beautiful serving tray (like our Parisian Ottoman Tray) is a very thoughtful gift.  Mom can personalize it by placing photos of you during your awkward phase underneath the glass (p.s. mine was between the ages of 12 to 31).  Awwww, so special.   A tray is a must have for the coffee table.  You know, to keep your dad's 7 remotes in check.    
Perhaps your mom is a woman after my own heart.  Her idea of fun consists of two words:  Par, Tay.
She's fun. She's generous. And she's always hosting something.  Maybe she'd like a little help?  No worries, I'm not asking you to tie on a cute apron, besides when you do attend one of her parties, she says "Don't just stand there. Mingle!".   I was thinking more along the lines of our Savannah Beverage Server or a must have party bucket!

Plus, I bet she will let you borrow them on occasion . . . but only if you return them in the same condition she lent them to you in : )

So tell me, do you see your mom in any of these gifts we both know she'll love?  I thought so.  She didn't raise a fool.


  1. Congratulations, Susie, on designing a beautiful blog! You are going to be so fun and inspirational to follow. I'm always amazed and wowed by your ideas. The Best, Denise Cosgrove

  2. Thanks Denise! Your support ALWAYS means so much to me! Blessings to you and I hope you have a fab-u-lous Mother's Day!

  3. Cute....and great ideas! I may link over to you to introduce some blog friends to you, m'kay???
    Suzanne Joffrion

  4. I'd LOVE it Suzanne! Hopefully my new header will be complete tonight. It is one of the techno-geeky things that I need my nerd-herd hubby to help me with :) Thanks so much for your support!