Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Olé! ☼ It's Fiesta Time!

Everyone (especially those over the age of 21), loves Cinco de Mayo . . . Who doesn’t love the perfect excuse to gather with friends, chow down on some tasty Mexican food, and sip the single most festive drink around — margaritas!  No need to travel to Cancun to celebrate,  How about su casa? Here are some refreshing tips to get the party started.
Número Uno ► a fiesta is all about food, fun and plenty of cold, tasty beverages. Traditional libations always include fresh lime margaritas.  Our Savannah Beverage Server is the perfect self-serve container for you.  Margaritas will pour out, avoiding a long line at the beverage station. 
Our large Parisian Luminary is the perfect dispenser for 16oz Solo Cups, because let's admit it, as much as I would love to have everyone dancing around with a margarita glass, if the party is outside, I'll go with easy and tossable ware.
Número Dos ►Of course you'll offer ice-cold Mexican beer (a sure-fire fiesta favorite) served with a squeeze of lime.

Look for imported soft drinks (try the international foods section of your grocery store). They’re available in a rainbow of colors and everyone loves trying a new refreshment. Serve them on ice in any of our Entertaining Buckets, or a set of our Zoe Organizing Buckets shown :).

For your margaritas (skinny, virgin or traditional) be sure to have a bucket (or Hawthorne Trifle) full of ice nearby. Your guest can serve themselves, just add a scoop, and a few frozen cranberries for a PoP of Color!  There are mucho margarita recipes out there, so experiment with something new, like one of these from Southern Living.

Don't forget the rimmers! Traditional margaritas include a ring of salt around the rim (yum) but consider colored sugars if your Savannah Beverage Server is dispensing limeade :)
My personal crowd favorite margarita recipe is what is considered a Beer-ita, check out the recipe on my website here.

Número Tres ►  Put a little whimsy at your serving station.  Party warehouse stores offer furry mustaches (99¢ each at Party City) and sombreos (2 for $3.99) and fiesta flags (18' for $3.99) that will add instant flare to your fiesta.

Número Cuatro ►Consider adding a pitcher of fruity sangria. House your Ruffled Glass Pitcher in our Large Rosedale Plant Holder burried within your Party Bucket. The plant holder will keep the ice at bay each time the pitcher is pulled out, and the sangria will stay ice cold (with no worries of watering it down).

Sangria is a delicious treat for thirsty adults. But for kids, a second pitcher of “virgin sangria” fruit punch is a must-sí.

Have a blast this Cinco de Mayo, or anytime you fiesta . . . but please remember to party responsibly!

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