Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Make Mom's Day

Moms are waaay too special to celebrate with just a standard just down dinner.  Instead, throw together a day mom will never forget!  Make it an intimate family get-together, or extend the invitations to get several of your friends involved.  Either way, everyone will have a great time, and Mom will know she is loved.

Garden Party ▬
Ask most mom's want they want for Mother's Day and you'll hear the response, "I just want to spend it with my family.  I don't need anything else."      Honor this classic reply with a simple garden party.  Just a clean, manicured backyard lawn makes a pleasant backdrop for any outdoor gathering.  Add a few niblets (bring out mom's favorite recipes perhaps?) a great tea or punch recipe, and decorate with family and friends.  Send guests home with a seed packet as a thank you for coming.

Mom's Brunch Bunch ▬
Make mom's day extra special when you and your friends host a joint Mother's Day celebration.  Entertaining often gets lost in the wake of our fast-paced lives, and no-one would appreciate a gracious setting filled with hospitality more than mom.

Start by calling some friends and asking if they would be interested in bringing their mom and a single dish to as part of this easy buffet-style brunch.  Decorations can be as simple as colorful flowers in ceramic pitchers and fruit stacked in glass vases.  Everyone should be encouraged to tell loving, or funny, stories of their childhood and sipping a favorite beverage and nibbling on finger sandwiches.  Everyone will have such a great time, this may become your new Mother's Day tradition.

Barbecue ▬
A laid-back and casual barbecue is a great way to celebrate Mother's Day, especially if you have lots of special ladies who you want to celebrate.  Two words - MEN COOK!
Hamburgers and hot dogs outside on the grill make an easy main course, but your options for grilling are nearly endless. Ask everyone to bring a side dish -- except mom, of course. This way, you don’t have to worry about planning the whole menu. Outside festivities mean you won’t have to get your house spotless beforehand, and paper plates and plastic cups make cleanup a breeze.

Intimate Family Picnic ▬
C'mon guys, anyone can pull this thoughtful celebration off.  Just keep it simple. Pack a loaf of bread, some assorted cheeses, fruits and chocolate for a nice yet easy meal.

You can also whip together some great picnic sandwiches with meat and cheese from the deli and butter croissants. Add in some fruit and some gourmet chips and you are set to go. Take along some games or activities you can do as a family like a frisbee, kites or softball and bat. Make it fun and keep it lighthearted.

Whatever you decide to do for Mother’s Day, just do it from your heart and make sure Mom knows how much you love and appreciate her.

What am I doing?  I'll be at the stadium watching the Rangers beat the Yankees with several thousand of our closest friends!  And it will be magical!  I know my mom will be rooting them on in spirit! ♥

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