Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Life of the Mantel

Not quite ready for summer decorating, but need to add a little 'life' to your mantel?   Try this tip . . . display a large plant (such as a philodendron) in style using a low container such as the Viridian Oval Container I've shown here.  It is the easiest way to bring life to a space.  I countered the weight on the opposite side of the mantel with two flipped Hemingway Hurricanes (a la cloches).  One hurricane is placed on a pedestal to vary the heights and add interest. Starfish hint of seasons to come, and the Amira Luminary and Annabelle Votive give a welcome glow. 
I used the Hemingway Hurricanes as cloches along my Spring Dining Room Table as shown here.
The Willow House Hemingway Hurricane has a unique hollowed base to use for a candle, flowers and other adornments. I used mossy goodness to secure the candle and greenery to the top (which is actually the base of the hurricane).  The Trilogy Mirror makes an excellent base for the 'cloches'.  I created the nest from burlap scraps adorned with reindeer moss and dried flowers (and speckled eggs of course). 
If you like the classic approach to hanging a mirror above your mantel - perhaps try it with a twist, as I have done with our Trilogy Mirrors.  Super simple to duplicate, I promise!  This example uses four sets of Trilogy Mirrors to create a compelling pattern that became a focal point in the room.   My living room mantel (top photo) displays 3 sets (9 mirrors for a squared off design, and because I like the number 9).
Hanging multiple mirrors can seem frustratingly tricky — that is, until you learn our easy trick. Read on for instructions on creating a grid ... without losing your cool.
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1. Create a paper template — We used craft paper, but you can use any paper that's large enough to cover the area you're designing. Try butcher paper or wrapping paper if that's what you have on hand.  I personally like to use the wrapping paper that comes with a grid on the back. 
2.  Arrange your frames on the paper — Keep working and measuring until the pattern is exactly how you like it.
3.  Mark for hardware — Carefully lift and make an "X" under each mirror's hardware where the nail should go.

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4. Tape your template to the wall — We used masking tape to keep it stable. Make sure it's straight!  This is where the grid on that wrapping paper comes in really handy!
5. Hammer nails directly through your template and into the wall.
6. Once nails are secure, carefully pull the template off the wall.
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7.  Hang mirrors on the nails.
8.  Stand back and enjoy!
This method is perfect for a gridded wall display that relies on perfect symmetry, but you will also use it when we hang a grouping of picture frames: Use the steps listed above, but instead of cutting one large template, make several by tracing and cutting out the shape of each frame. Use masking tape to attach the templates to the wall, and keep moving them around until you're happy with the arrangement. Then just hammer nails through the templates, remove the paper, and hang your frames!

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